Dr Stone Manga is coming to an end on 6th March. Leaks confirm

It was 5 years ago, on Monday, March 6, 2017, Dr Stone, a manga in its own class debuted in Weekly Shonen Jump. On its 5th anniversary, Dr Stone Manga is ending. One of the reliable mangas on the Shonen magazine, it has sold a record more than 12 million copies. It is also a source of successful anime series by the same name. Inagaki and Boichi’s manga will be celebrating its 5th anniversary by drawing curtains on the manga.

Weekly Shonen Jump volume 14, Chapter 232 will be published in English on MangaPlus on Sunday, March 6, 2022. The official date of the conclusion on Weekly Shonen Jump is scheduled for March 7. The climax will be covered in the concluding Chapter 232. To mark the anniversary as well as the climax, Inagaki and Boichi’s manga will receive center color pages and several extra pages for the climax. The series-ending seems to have followed the identical ‘pattern’ series such as Haikyu!!, The Promised Neverland and Kimetsu no Yaiba.

The final set of chapters once published will be collected in tankobon volumes in the coming months. Dr Stone manga series will conclude with 26 total volumes.

Dr Stone manga is the brainchild of Riichiro Inagaki, former author of Eyeshield 21 coauthored by Yusuke Murata and published on Weekly Shonen Jump. Inagaki, at the same time, teamed up with a non-Japanese, Korean author Boichi on Shonen. They turned out to be an unprecedented but extremely talented duo.

The manga series featured Inagaki at the screenplay and Boichi took care of the drawings, who had already shown all his skills with the previous series. Dr Stone quickly became a major feature of the magazine.

After five years, the Dr Stone manga story is about to end after announcing the climax.

Apart from the depressing news of the manga coming to an end suddenly. Dr STONE manga is announced to get a special manga chapter before Dr STONE: Ryusui TV Anime Special airs in Summer 2022.

After a wait of more than 4 months, the special manga chapter of “Dr. Stone” after its ending has been confirmed. The chapter in question has been officially released for July 4 edition. It consists of 51 pages, includes one in color and will come out with issue #31 of WSJ. The manga chapter will have nothing to do with the anime episode of ‘Ryusui’ coming out on July 10.

No further information has been divulged as to whether the Special chapter will feature Senku or any other characters of Dr. Stone. 

Dr Stone Chapter 232 Spoilers – Whyman problem gets solved in the climax

Dr Stone Chapter 232 is a part of the Stone to Space Arc of the Dr Stone Manga. This is the sixth major arc of the manga series and belongs to the first part called the moon mission. As the name suggests, the confrontation with the Why-Man and the petrification of humanity is still unfolding. The Senku’s Kingdom of Science has made it to the moon and has found the petrification devices that caused all of humanity to be turned into stone.

As the conversation between Senku and the Why-Man proceeds, Senku’s proposal of helping humanity with assistance from the petrification devices gets rejected. Only one petrification device remains curious about Senku’s Proposal.

The one-piece of technology left to Senku now carries more weight than he could have imagined. With the help of even one of the petrification devices, Senku has a clear shot at restoring humanity and the state of the earth and perhaps even taking it way further than it had ever been possible. There are promises of advancing medical and technological sciences that could be possible once the team gets back together.

Dr Stone Chpater 232 will continue Senku’s Moon and perhaps bring it to a close only to begin the next stage of his Kingdom of Science in becoming the greatest pioneer in benefitting humanity and the earth itself.

Dr Stone Chapter 232 Raw Scan

Senku figures out the mystery behind petrification

Dr Stone manga is not the only one to end this year. Recently Fire Force manga also came to an end.

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