My Hero Academia manga is rushing towards its end! Will “Final Act War” serve the finale?

2022 is tough for anime fans and Weekly Shonen Jump alike. We have a few famous mangas reaching their finale in the coming months. This includes Dr Stone. Even Black Clover is planning for year-end. We are also hearing that the two megahits, Jujutsu Kaisen and My Hero Academia manga are also planning on similar lines.

In December, Kohei Horikoshi had left MHA fans heartbroken with the announcement of My Hero Academia manga entering its final stage. It was though somewhat expected because the final war was approaching and almost all the subplots had been resolved. The pending chapters needed to unfurl how the war between heroes and villains will go. With the manga cruising towards its finale, whether we’re ready or not, now is the best time to prepare how it all might end. 

On which chapter will My Hero Academia manga end?

To calculate how many more chapters are on the way before Horikoshi calls THE END to MHA, the chapters of the last war between heroes and villains can be taken as a reference. Kohei Horikoshi has set the stage for the next phase of the Final Act War in the ongoing chapters of the manga. Assuming that this will be the last war of manga, then we also know that the war is kicked off in My Hero Academia Chapter 343. To complete the saga, expect at least 50 more chapters to the series.

When will My Hero Academia manga end?

In order to make the final battle look less gory, Horikoshi will have the scope to vary the management of the fights and the evolution of the clashes. To portray and do justice to each character it will be difficult to go below 50 chapters. This would mean that My Hero Academia would end with a number of chapters ranging from about 390 to 420.

Keeping in mind the short hiatus the mangaka takes every two months from publication, My Hero Academia could end in the second half of 2023. It falls in line with Horikoshi hint that MHA will be “ending in a year”.

My Hero Academia manga finale plot speculations

The heroes and villains are preparing for the next and presumably the last war of My Hero Academia. Fans are speculating that “Final Act War” will serve as the finale of the series. If the events of the Paranormal Liberation Front War were something that kept us attached to the pages of the manga, this conflict will last long enough till the end.

Though it’s a bit early to predict the plot of penultimate War because we know nothing can substitute Horikoshi’s ideas. However, theories and speculations cannot be holed up. Fans will find a potential ending that will make Izuku and all the other young heroes the most outstanding.

Horikoshi has given indicators that there will be few notable characters who will have a substantial role in the series finale. Surprisingly these names are Hitoshi Shinso, Ochaco Uraraka, and especially Katsuki Bakugo who will team up with Midoriya. The focus will be on the final moments of the battle between Izuku Midoriya and Tomura Shigaraki and expecting that All Might will manage to survive to the end. If anyone takes a hit to defend Midoriya in the final battle with Shigaraki, it probably won’t be All Might.

As the story is turning out, Bakugo is on the lookout for a reprieve from lzuku but we know that they are working towards one goal and that is to inherit the role of All Might. We are also aware that the ending of the manga will portray Midoriya as the greatest hero of all time. We are left with two hypotheses on the flow.

Bakugo might go all out to secure the title of Number One Hero and in a final rush, he also goes for asking redemption from Izuku. Similar to the first war he in the process defends Midoriya from a deadly blow by Shigaraki. In this way, he drops his run to Number One Hero.

In the second hypothesis, it will be Deku who will take the fatal blow to defend Bakugo and all the others, proving to be the greatest hero of all time.

Where can I read the My Hero Academia manga online?

My Hero Academia Chapters are available on Viz Media which has acquired the license for the manga. The first three chapters of the My Hero Academia manga are available for readers for free online on Viz and Manga Plus Shueisha. The 3 latest chapters are also available to read for free. The remaining chapters need a membership that allows access to their entire catalogue for $1.99 per month!

Chapter 342 of the My Hero Academia manga was the last chapter released on the Weekly Shonen Jump. The official “Second War” Arc begins on the last page of the chapter. All Might tells the gang “This is what comes next, and we are only informing selected people for now. It’s time to discuss our final plans for this Second Crucial War.”

We have slightly more than a year to give space to all the characters, heroes and otherwise, and to be able to reach the end of one of the most popular series of the last decade. Let us know your views on this and whether it will get an ending worthy of its name? Do you believe that Horikoshi will come with another twister before the manga ends?

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