A Rick and Morty Anime Just Got Confirmed?! When Will the Popular Adult Swim Series Adaptation Get Its Season 1?

A Rick and Morty anime has just become a reality in a new and exciting announcement! Adult Swim confirmed the series and a Ninja Kamui anime on Wednesday and we’re here for it! For those who never got around to watching the adult animated series, Rick and Morty is a science fiction black comedy that stars Rick Sanchez, a cynical mad scientist and his grandson Morty who accompanies him on bizarre and often wildly dangerous intergalactic adventures.

Rick and Morty has aired on Adult Swim since 2013 and has been made available on many streaming platforms. The fifth season of the series aired in June 2021 with 10 new episodes soon after which the series extended its contract for Season 6, and 70 more episodes will be made into an undecided number of seasons.

What Will the Rick and Morty: The Anime be About?

The Rick and Morty anime is going to have its own storyline but will have the same characters that we have known and loved. While the story will be based on the existing world of Rick and Morty, it will not be a direct adaptation in the anime format and style. The anime will have many events and storylines that have been seen in the 51 episodes of the Adult Swim series but further details on the show are being spared at the moment.

The Rick and Morty anime will be made in association with Telecom Anime Film which is also known for Shenmue The Animation, Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro, Lupin III and many more series! It would also be interesting to see what kind of changes or new elements are added to the series for it to be a part of the anime genre!

When Will the Rick and Morty: The Anime Release?

Adult Swim and HBO Max have confirmed that the Rick and Morty anime is scheduled for a 2023 release. Even if the original series was an adult animated series, the upcoming production will be released as an anime and will thus follow the seasonal anime calendar. There have been no announcements for a specific season or month, but it could easily be a part of the Summer 2023 – Fall 2023 release window.

The Rick and Morty anime has confirmed a 10-episode release but has not revealed much about the production timeline or tentative dates for release. As of now, the official name being used for the announced project is Rick and Morty: The Anime.

Where Can I Watch the Rick and Morty anime?

The Rick and Morty anime is confirmed for release on Adult Swim and HBO Max. The parent series has also been a part of the same streaming and broadcast network. Additional streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu or even Crunchyroll have not made any announcements about hosting the series yet.

With Rick and Morty being an Adult Swim/ HBO Max production, it would not be wrong to assume that the anime could release as an HBO Max exclusive and not be streaming on Netflix or Crunchyroll. Since the series is actually in English, the Rick and Morty anime will probably have an English as well as Japanese audio release. It would be very exciting to see the original voice cast from the series also voice the anime version of themselves!

The Rick and Morty Anime Cast Characters and Staff!

An official voice cast list for the anime is yet to be revealed. It seems that the Smith family along with recurring characters in the series will be making an appearance in the anime series but the details are still blurry. The main cast of the anime will include voices for characters that include Rick, Morty, Summer, Beth and Jerry.

Even though it has not been confirmed, it would be exciting to have the English voice cast from the original show voice the anime characters as well. Some of the main cast from the original show include:

  • Justin Rolland as Rick Sanchez/ Morty Smith
  • Chris Parnell as Jerry Smith
  • Spencer Grammer as Summer Smith
  • Sarah Chalke as Beth Smith

Takashi Sano has worked with the franchise before and will be directing the upcoming anime series. More staff members will be announced in the future.

FAQs – Rick and Morty: The Anime Edition

Q. Is the Rick and Morty anime canon?

A. The Rick and Morty anime that has been announced can only be considered a spin-off of the original series at best. Even though characters, themes and events from the original story will be referenced or involved in the anime adaptation, there is no word of this being a part of the Rick and Morty canon, the funny being a bizarre concept for anyone who has actually watched the show.

Q. Where Can You Watch Rick and Morty Season 5?

A. Rick and Morty Season 5 was the most recent season of the show and was released in June 2021. The series airs on Adult Swim in the US and on Channel E4 in the UK. Seasons 1 to 4 are available on Netflix for binge-watching. Additionally, the first four seasons are currently streaming on Hulu and HBO Max.

The other platforms where one can access Season 5 are Hulu + Live TV, or Sling TV. For newer fans who want to begin watching the series, Netflix has all the seasons of the show! Even YouTube has the first episode of the show for free!

While airing, the episodes were added to the Adult Swim website which streamed the episodes for free. The official trailer for Rick and Morty Season 5 is right here!

Rick and Morty Season 5 Official Trailer

For all that the show is about, the Rick and Morty Anime is surely going to continue the legacy of hilarity and existential dread! Wubba lubba dub dub all the way!

Stay tuned for updates on the Rick and Morty anime and all the good stuff from your favourite titles. In the meantime, don’t forget to let us know your picks from Spring 2022 anime releases and let us know all you plan to watch in the upcoming season!

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